Establish Your Crash Proof Nest Egg

It is a fact that today unfortunately less than 25% of companies large and small offer defined benefit plans for their employees as a regular benefit. For those unfamiliar with the term defined benefit you can boil that down to a pension plan. So how do you plan your retirement when you have to rely on your own resources to provide for your non-working years.

The first step in the development of a non-destructible retirement plan is to have some funds with which to work. Primarily these funds come from savings and investments that hopefully you have acquired over your working years. The second step is to develop a relationship with trusted advisor who can coach you through the process of a plan for prosperity for the rest of your life.

Once you have all of the above factors in place you can develop an investment philosophy with your coach. An investment philosophy is based on your beliefs about the market, your risk tolerance and your time horizon. Your investment philosophy is the basis for the mindset you have in the decision making when you chose your investments. Some questions you might ask yourself when pondering an investment philosophy are what is your true purpose for money and how will you use it to fulfill your life dreams. Do you need to provide for loved ones or are they OK? Are there additional resources that will come in once you are gone for your spouse and your heirs? You definitely have to do some soul searching, but a good investor coach will help you with that.

The next item on the agenda should be how you are going to implement this plan. Will it be from your current investments or do they need to be changed? Your coach will help you with these decisions as well, he/she should ask the right questions so that with his/her knowledge suggest the correct plan of action to use.