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[ Politics ] Open Question : Is anyone else watching fox news countdown to shutdown?

my anarchist friends and I are throwing a party hahahahahahahahaPowered by WPeMatico ...
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[ Rodents ] Open Question : This morning i went outside to feed my rabbits and i noticed two of them where dead.?

i have lost about 10 percent of my rabbits (about 15 dead) due to whatever has been killing them. it ...
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[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Bad Dating Advice for Women?

Why do a lot of different sources advise women to settle or accept just about any guy? There are plenty ...
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[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Why do woman go around hitting man for?

That just wrong do agree with me ☆ Sent from iOS Dr. Know! 1.1.04Powered by WPeMatico ...
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[ Men’s Health ] Open Question : Are you happy being circumcised or not?

Did it affect your sex life? I've been circumcised as a baby and am very upset about it.Powered by WPeMatico ...
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[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : Is this too skinny?

Female (age 18) , I'm 5'4 and weigh 110Powered by WPeMatico ...
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[ Friends ] Open Question : What does this mean ??

my friend posted a snap on her snapchat story of a black screen and it said “and I promise y’all ...
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