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MIT, Princeton, Columbia, NYU Tandon, Yale
I’m a high school junior with a 90.54 avg and a 1520 new SAT score (first time taken). I’ve taken the math 1 and biology subject tests, 780 and 700 respectively. I plan on taking math 2 and physics this year. I get that my average is pretty low in regards to the schools but I’m hoping my school and class difficulty can help a bit. I go to second best high school in NY.
Here are the classes I’ve taken/ plan to take:
FRESHMEN YR: Honors Chem, Honors Research, Geo, English, APWH, Spanish 1
SOPH YR: AP Bio (4 on AP), APWH CONT(4 on AP), Honors Speech, Trig, Spanish 2, Research.
JUNIOR YR: AP Physics 1, APUSH, AP LANG, AP Stat, Spanish 3, Precalc
SENIOR YR (projected classes): AP Econ, AP Physics C, AP Calc AB, Astrophysics, Honors Creative Writing, Intro to Engineering
Work with the engineering department of a hospital (1yr-now)
President of club (4 yrs member)
math team freshmen-soph yr (got kicked off towards the end and it counts as failed class)
astronomy club
over 170 hours of volunteering
Member of NHS
two other jobs in previous years
I plan on majoring in engineering. Idk if they count in the difficulty of the school and courses but I’d appreciate it if you can gauge where I currently stand and what I should do to increase my chances of acceptances to any one of those schools. btw my averages have an upward trend, w/ me getting my highest average in all of my high school career in the recent semester if that helps in any way.

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