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First off, im an atheist.
I ve grown up in a family where everyone else seems to find religion as a whole quite ridiculous. It s only recently, at 21, that I ve started to believe that perhaps a God might be possible.. perhaps.

Anyway, in this dream, to put it shortly.. I was in a body that I knew wasn t my own, but wasn t totally aware that I was dreaming. Everybody believed this body, along with his friends, had committed an awful murder, and I believed it to be true but I knew that i , the person inside of this body that wasn t mine, didn t deserve to go to prison for their crime..
So within the dream, whenever this body would go to sleep I would dream that god was giving me things to say and advice on how exactly to speak to the police and such to avoid prison and have the main culprit of the crime recognized.
Despite the humiliating and awful ways people looked at me and acted towards me before the trial, i felt perfectly happy, excited even, knowing that everything would be fine! because I had done everything God had told me to, and he would look after me, he knew I was innocent.
And in the the end everything happened as God had told me it would, I didn t go to prison, and the main culprit got a life sentence.

I just find it strange that I ve had a dream where God was guiding me when I don t believe there s is one?
Weird. Anyway, if you have any thoughts feel free to share them below :0

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