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Hi! So I abdolutely love to bake. I bake all the time. Not necessarily because I want to eat 2 dozen cupcakes or 2 cakes, but because I love to bake. I love decorating cakes and coming up with new flavours. I said in a previous post that I hate college and my parents will let me drop out if I have something else to do. I hate my college course. In the 5 years I have been baking, I have never lost any interest whatsoever in it. My parents said that I should go to culinary school because I also love to cook. I love to bake more though. I want to make money doing this because it’s what I love to do (as well as makeup). I was thinking I could
1. Start a YouTube channel where I post all my recipes(I have a list of 100+ already made).
2. Start an online baking company (I know I’d need safety inspections, the right equipment, be up to safety standards and have license).
3. Make a website where I’d post all my recipes.
Which of these is the best idea do you think. I know that a YouTube channel wouldn blow up very quickly or at all but I’m willing to put in the effort. I also don’t have a lot of money now but I do have all the equipment like measuring jugs,cups & spoons, standing mixer,hand mixer, all cake tins, icing bags, sieves, an oven, weighing scales and everything else. Which is better and how much money do you think I could make? Thank you. Ps I’m 18 and female

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